At Christmas NewHope provides Coles and Woolworths Food Gift Cards to people in need and movie and swimming pool vouchers for the kids that are connected to NewHope through ministries and programs. This includes Blackburn North, Croydon and Surrey Hills Campuses and Preschools, our Persian and Brazillian Communities, CAP clients, COACH families, Dinner Tonite, Jubilee Housing, Soccer Club, as well as families and individuals. Food hampers will continue to be supplied to several of our partners and to ‘drop ins.’ As NewHope is such a multi-cultural community, we would like people to enjoy their special foods at Christmas and allow them the opportunity to choose the same through your gift.

To gift food to someone doing it tough this Christmas, purchase one of the specific Coles or Woolworths gift cards to the value of your choosing ($10, $20, $25 & $50 increments are ideal) shown below.

If you have children, rather than buy a toy, we encourage you to disciple your child in generosity by purchasing a movie or swimming pool voucher (or similar) with them to gift to another child. Across the charities of Melbourne there is a plethora of excess toys each year. Let’s help struggling families fund some activities for their summer holidays which they would otherwise struggle to offer their children instead.

Place your gifts in your Thanksgiving Offering envelope on Sunday 25th November or drop them in to reception no later than Wednesday 5th December.

The “Coles Gift Card

This gift card needs to be purchased from Coles itself. It is the only gift card that you cannot buy alcohol or cigarettes with. All Coles stores carry this card. If you cannot find it, ask at the customer service desk. We have found it may take a little patience and several ‘asks.’ You can nominate the amount you would like to put on the card.

The “Groceries” or “Essential Card” from Woolworths.

It comes in increments of $5, $10, $15, $20, $50 or there is a purple essential card that you can place your own dollar amount on. Purchase of cigarettes and alcohol is not permitted on this card, nor can it be used to buy other gift cards. Not all stores have the groceries only card on hand, but you can purchase it online:

Swimming Pool vouchers
Approximate cost: $21 (family) / $7.50 (adult) / $5.70 (child)

Movie vouchers
From any Hoyts / Village Cinemas

Non-perishable food  donations will continue to be received and can be placed in the collection bins at NewHope Blackburn and Croydon, as we assist our partners and stock the food pantry to address need through the Summer months.

For more information, contact Community Care: / 9890 7999