NewHope Community Care is a practical outreach to the community, supporting people in times of crisis, need, grief, emotional and financial distress. We are here for the tough times and to help you build for a better future. NewHope Community Care was registered as a not for profit organisation in 2009? and operated from the NewHope Baptist church offices. In 2011 the Community Care Centre moved next door, to 522 Middleborough Road, Blackburn North. In 2017, NewHope Community Care move to the newly built offices in the main NewHope building on 3 Springfield Road.

NewHope Community Care is a public benevolent institution which provides relief and care for the residents of the City of Whitehorse and the surrounding community. We have a vision of caring for our community, and as we are an initiative of NewHope Baptist Church our mission is loving God, loving others and serving the world. This is done by providing relief care, developmental care and advocacy care to all people experiencing hardship, as we endeavour to empower people to transform their lives.



New Hope Community Care – A gift to the community!

We view it as a privilege to be invited into the lives of people in our community. Our aim is to provide practical resources, support and encouragement to any member of the community, particularly the marginalised, oppressed, hungry, hurting and frightened. We offer a warm and accepting welcome to everyone seeking assistance in. We endeavour to encourage and empower those who come to NewHope Community Care, whatever their reason, and to help each person find new and ongoing hope.



Cultivating empowering communities of compassion and hope

to alleviate poverty and suffering.


Our mission is caring for our community by: loving God, loving each other and serving the world. We provide relief care, developmental care and advocacy care to all people experiencing need to empower them to transform their lives.


“To operate as a public benevolent institution in accordance with item 4.1.1 of section 30-45 of the Income Tax Assessment Act (Cth) 1997 by providing emergency and relief housing, accommodation and benevolent care for the benefit of those in the Whitehorse community and elsewhere in Australia who are poor, needy, underprivileged, homeless, aged, ill, long term unemployed, low income earners or recipients of government benefits, those in poverty and other seriously disadvantaged people; in order to relieve their poverty, suffering, misfortune, helplessness and destitution.”


  1. To live our lives as expressions of Jesus’ heart of compassion and hope.
  1. To mobilise the NewHope Community to address need and relieve suffering.
  1. To develop inclusive communities of mutual empowerment.
  1. To provide people with networked options fostering improved wellbeing.
  1. To develop and enhance partnerships with the NewHope and broader community to maximise impact.


2015 Annual Report, including the highlights, stories, statistics and finance summary.

2015 NHCC Finance and Auditors Report