The heart and soul of community care

Our greatest resources are the people and characters that make up the community of NewHope. Our volunteers are a diverse community of cultures, ages, abilities - from those who have been among us a long time, to those who are just getting to know us or others who assist through one of the visiting teams such as St Alfred’s Anglican Church or Box Hill Central Rotary Club. Lives are impacted, relationships and connectedness empowered, communities changed because people take time to care and share hope with others. Through our service we also learn and our lives too are impacted and enriched. We also have a lot of fun!

To find out more about volunteering take a look at the Volunteer Handbook (Will add link to upload document – still being written).

As we serve a diverse community of which many have experienced isolation, disappointment, hurt, vulnerability and poverty we strive to create an engaging and safe place for all. If you are new to us, we wish to get to know you a little first. Come along and meet us. Also, check out the “About Us” page to ensure that you agree with our Mission / Vision and Key Values.

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Mr Michael Sukkar MP / Federal Member for Deakin and Rebecca Little

Recipient of a Deakin Community Award 2014

For her work with Unshackled and Destiny Rescue.

Becky is a passionate advocate against human slavery and people trafficking.

Mr Michael Sukkar MP / Federal Member for Deakin and Dr Michael Varney

Recipient of a Deakin Community Award 2014

Mike (Michael) Varney has a huge heart for the marginalised, disadvantaged, the unnoticed,  the bruised and the hurting of our community. He is a volunteer and on the leadership team of the Dinner Tonite Community Meal and oversees the hosting / relationships team, while attending to the pastoral follow up of guests. Mike also serves the community through volunteering with a telephone crisis help line, is a trained Emergency Chaplain and Hospital Chaplain.